Stone processing:

When we work the stone we don’t set the task to change its character. Using tools for processing different rocks, we only emphasize its essence. The value of the stone is in its natural individuality so for processing the only thing required is to remove everything that is unnecessary. In our company stone processing is performed by experienced craftsmen using modern, European-made equipment.


Quarrying and Mining:

For millions of years soapstone has been stored in the earth interior and waited for the moment when it would be able to present its wonderful properties to all human beings. That moment has come when at the very beginning of production our employees select only the best raw materials in the mining plant to send them to the stone processing workshop.


Building services:

After a long journey from the mine fields in the Arctic Circle through the hands of our craftsmen, the stone has finally found a new home, where it will give warmth and comfort.

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About our company "Stone Age" (“Kamenniyvek”)

"Stone Age" Llc is a part of the merged company «Stone Group", which has been a producer of natural stone goods since 2004.

The main focus of our work is soapstone. We offer you cladding material, the cladding of sauna stove, fireplace inserts and a great variety of additional accessories.

Our basic principle at work is responsibility and an individual approach to each client. An experienced team from our company will perform the entire obligations for the production of soapstone goods on time and of the proper quality using modern, European-made equipment.

Company Benefits

The reasonable price and high quality of our products are the main advantages of our company. We have our own stone processing production premises with an area of ​​over 1300 m2 equipped with professional machines used in conjunction with the experience of our craftsmen. All these things give the result you can count on when ordering products from our company. We are ready to turn your ideas into stone, from creating horizontal sections to a great variety of different kinds of resurfacing. The presence of finished products in stock will save you time.

Cladding Materials
Facing of sauna stoves